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With basic mechanical skills and a thirst for travel and adventure, a young Andre sought to take his place amongst the great American motorcycle builders after honorable discharge from the US Navy.  Between working remotely, building custom motorcycles at night, and spending weekends camping off the back of his motorcycle, he became abundantly aware of his absence amongst his family.  Weekends should now be spent getting his family into remote camping areas where they could all explore freely, together.  His 4 children were all too young to pack enough sustenance to be out more than a day.   Andre and his bride had always been able to pack out sufficient gear on the motorcycle in the past.  All 4 children’s needs required a crew cab truck or full sized van to travel anywhere.  While passively considering traditional off road vehicles, capable of getting them all where they wanted to go, he discovered/stumbled upon the Pinzgauer.  
     In 2000, while visiting a local tool store in Southern California, a strange looking military truck drove through the parking lot that caught his eye.  He immediately changed his trajectory from the front door to the direction this beast was traveling in hopes of getting a closer look.  After 40 or so minutes of crawling all over the truck (where they were being imported, repaired, and sold) he was handed an operators manual and told to “come back when you have money”.  Three days later he returned with a loan check.  One week later he took delivery of “Old Blue”.  One year later, he was hired on to fabricate accessories and eventually become a project manager, helping  put Pinzgauers into the hands of the public.     While absorbing knowledge and experience around his newfound obsession, FAT Fabrications was established in 2005.  The business catered to a plethora of customers and jobs included work with Redbull, Kokomos, The Rio hotel and casino, and Mirage Group. 2010 brought Andre and his family to Northeast Texas. While still making frequent trips to customers around the world, FAT Fabrications zeroed in on its Forign All Terrain specialty. Andre went all in for Jesus and Pinzgauers, filling a much needed demand for quality service and support in Texas.            It’s been 23 years since his first encounter and many vendors have come and gone over that time.  But Andre had remained a constant owner, supporter, and champion for the rugged reliability of the world reknown Pinzgauer.      Today FAT Fabrications organizes bi annual East and West coast  tours where groups are encouraged to assist, repair, and maintain trucks. Andre continues to meet and support new and existing customers,  further insuring the best ownership experience possible.  Andre also supports full use  of Pinzgauers in their natural habitat.  Go camping and remember why you love your Pinzgauer.
Levers down. Team FAT Fab.  

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